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STUDENT GROUPS OF 3 to 10: SHARED HOUSES Ė we have more than 50 student houses, and we are getting new properties from landlords all the time, so let us know your requirements and we will endeavour to find you a suitable home.

Are you an INDIVIDUAL STUDENT looking for a SHARED HOUSE??? Shared houses can be half the cost of halls of residence or city centre apartments, and often just as modern and more spacious. We have houses available that are reserved for individual students looking to share with other students. The houses range in size, price and location, so itís best to contact us by phone or email and we can send you the latest list of available properties. We can also give you advice on the other housemates so that we can match you to a house that suits your requirements.

We are more than happy to show you round, as well as give you advice on the local areas if you are new to Liverpool

Application Process for a student property 2016-2017

Step 1

Once you have decided on a property you will need to submit our online application form which can be found below on this page. To reserve a room or house you will need to pay a Reservation Fee.

Step 2

We will then email you and your guarantors the Tenancy Agreement and Payment Plan.

Step 3

Your parents must complete the Tenant Guarantee Form which they can download from this page (below). We need these back before you sign your tenancy agreement. If you do not have a UK based guarantor we will only accept you if your rent is paid for the whole year in advance.

Step 4

Book an appointment with us to come in to our office and sign your tenancy agreement. All tenants must attend at the same time.

Frequently Asked Question

What furniture will be in my house?

This does depend on the house you have chosen and the rent you are paying. All houses will have the following:

Bedrooms: Bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, desk, chair, curtains or blinds

Lounge: Sofas, chairs with sufficient number of seats for each tenant

Kitchen: Washing machine, fridge, freezer, cooker, bin, vacuum cleaner

Items such as TVís, microwaves, dishwashers, tumble dryers are provided in certain houses but you should check this with us.

Why do I have to pay a summer retainer?

Some properties have a summer retainer. The rent you pay is calculated as an annual amount and spread over the period of the tenancy. You pay a reduced amount over the summer when you are not living in the house, which is instead of paying an increased amount of rent for the remaining proportion of the year during occupation. Our payment plans are designed to fit in around student financing.

Can I move in to my house during the retainer period?

1. No. This period is reserved for the landlord to have unrestricted access with tradesman to improve, repair and clean the property.

2. If your house is ready before the 1st September then we may allow you early occupation, but we cannot guarantee this. If you move in earlier you will be charged full rent on a day by day basis, payable in advance.

Section 1 - About you

Section 2 - Your Parents / Guardians Address

Section 3 - Your Guarantator for your Tenancy

Address same as above

Section 4 - University

Section 5 - Declaration

By submitting this form in writing or by return email I declare that the information on this form is true and correct, and hereby authorise you to verify the details given, and pass my details on to the relevant deposit protection scheme.

I am fully aware and agree that I will not be allowed occupation of the property during the Summer Retainer period. (This is to allow improvements to be made to the property) The property will be available for possession from the 1st September.

I am aware that the once I have applied for a property and paid the administration fee / deposit that this is non-refundable should I change my mind and decide not to sign the tenancy agreement. ARW Property Solutions will hold the property for 2 weeks from the date the administration fee is paid. If a contract is not signed within this period we will remove the offer of tenancy. NOTE: We require all Tenant Guarantee Forms to be returned before the tenancy is signed.

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